Organising and Caring for a Book Collection

Storing and Organising a Book Collection

The easiest way to keep your book collection well organised and protected from damage at the same time is to purchase a bookshelf with glass door. This will allow you to display your collection, find a particular copy with ease and protect your books from dust at the same time.

Handle Your Books with Care

Besides making sure that your books are stored properly, it is also of utmost importance to prevent damage while handling them. You are recommended to:

Book Restoration

Some books are extremely difficult to find in a decent condition. A restoration is always an option but you are recommended to have the book appraised in its current condition and ask for an estimated value when restored. Keep in mind, however, that restoration isn’t inexpensive. In fact, sometimes restorative works are even more expensive than the book itself. Collectors therefore decide for restoration only if the investment doesn’t exceed the end value or if the book has a sentimental value for them.