Determining the Value of a Book

Generally, the older the book the higher the value. Some of the most expensive books ever sold are hundreds of years old although the list of the top 10 most expensive books also includes a few from the 19th century. However, just because the book is old that doesn’t necessarily mean it is valuable. Determining the value of a book is not an easy job but it is of major help if you know:

How Much to Pay/Ask

The prices of collectible books range from a few hundreds to a few thousands and even millions of pounds, and determining whether a book is worth a couple of hundred or couple of thousand pounds is not an easy task. The easiest and safest way to determine the value is to get an appraisal by an expert but it is also a good idea to make some research on oneself. It is worth to look at the catalogues and lists of books that were recently sold at sales and auctions. The Internet is another great place to learn more about the pricing for particular books. Keep in mind, however, that the asking price doesn’t necessarily indicate the value.